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Shopping around for carpet cleaning service within Long Island, NY? The professional carpet cleaners at Carpet Cleaning Long Island, NY caters to virtually all your carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, area rugs, furniture upholstery cleaning and home maintenance requirements – residential, commercial or industrial requirements. Our team of professional cleaners has experience in everything from carpet cleaning; area rugs, furniture upholstery cleaning to air duct cleaning.

Let our seasoned, carpet steam cleaning staff go to your home or workplace and do what they know best – clean to your total satisfaction. Carpet Cleaning Long Island, NY has a team of experts that are trained professionals, they thrive in both household and office settings. After just one visit you won’t be sure you’re in the same room, we guarantee we will transform your carpets to their original pristine condition.

Carpet Cleaning Long Island, NY is dedicated to using only organic, environmentally-friendly cleaning products and our cleaning staff pride itself with our courteous, diligent and punctual service to all of our valued customers. Your complete satisfaction is our only genuine aspiration.

As well as providing a number of different area rug cleaning remedies and wall-to-wall carpet cleaning services, or staff can do steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning, our cleaning staff is able to deal with the most difficult and complicated cleaning jobs. If it can be cleaned, we will clean it!

Our Services

Our cleaning services include:

Residential Carpet Cleaning

The professional carpet cleaning staff at Carpet Cleaning Long Island, NY use our patented hot-water Extraction system for cleaning. We utilize super-heated water

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Long Island, NY deploy the latest in equipment and techniques to completely clean your carpets and upholstery and leave them looking

Water Damage Repair

Oh no my house is flooded! Sudden floods and leaks can strike without warning. If your home is hit by water damage, you need the services of the most qualified water restoration firm-fast-to bring things back to the way they were

Pet Stain and Odor Removal

It is very important that you completely remove the odor from pet stains right away. If you don’t, it will quickly become a common place for your pet to use as a bathroom over and over again. After a couple

Each of these common cleaning problems are purely results of everyday life, nevertheless, you don’t need to live with them! These cleaning problems can easily be remedied with our commitment and attention to detail.

Carpet Cleaning Long Island, NY technician’s are familiarized with pet stain and pet odor elimination, and they understand what cleaning products to use on which materials, and exactly what cleaning solutions in fact get the job done.

We have never once heard, “You missed a spot!” in our twenty years of service. Carpet Cleaning Long Island, NY’s cleaning technicians are trained in carpet cleaning: 101 before they are allowed to make house calls. We are a family of experts, that are proficient at applying the proper methods and products to remove any stain imaginable while efficiently restoring even the toughest carpets to their showroom potential.

How much money have you sacrificed already on containers of spray cleanser that supposedly eliminates pet smell and stains and other tough carpet stains, but only mask the problem?

It doesn’t matter whether you have just one particular unattractive stain on an area rug that you’d like wiped clean or a whole home or business of wall-to-wall carpeting in need of cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Long Island, NY cleaning crews are able to customize each of our services to fit your particular cleaning requirements.

While we are at your household, or at your business we could additionally deep clean your upholstered furniture and draperies. Our cleaning crews are specially trained at cleaning upholstered furniture and draperies!

Long Island, NY

Long Island, NY, the largest and longest island in the contiguous United States, is also the most populated island in the United States, with more than 7.5 million people. Located east of Manhattan, Long Island, NY stretches 118 miles northeast into the Atlantic Ocean. At its widest north-to-south point it is 23 miles between Long Island, NY Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.

There are four New York state counties on the island: Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk (the eastern most county); Brooklyn and Queens are boroughs (self-governing townships) of New York City. The two New York boroughs Brooklyn and Queens are on the western end of the island and are not usually considered part of Long Island, NY. When Long Island, NY is referred to it means the counties of Nassau and Suffolk. Nassau County received its name from the old name for the island, Nassau, after the Dutch Prince William of Nassau (William III of England, 1650-1792). Suffolk was named after Suffolk County in England.

Long Island, NY was mainly a rural and agricultural lifestyle into the 19th century. When a reliable means of transportation, steam ferry service and rail service, allowed workers (mostly prosperous financial workers on Wall Street) to commute back and forth from home and work. For the next century, the population of Long Island, NY doubled every twenty years. The only access from Long Island, NY to other parts of the United States was by boat, until 1883, when the Brooklyn Bridge was completed, spanning the East River, from Brooklyn to Manhattan. When it opened, the Brooklyn Bridge (at the time, the New York and Brooklyn Bridge or East River Bridge), was the longest suspension bridge in the world. It exceeded the length of any previously built bridges by more than 50 percent.

Long Island, NY’s population exploded after World War II, as many new housing developments sprang up across the island. One such community was in the hamlet of Levittown, where builder Levitt and Sons built small, single floor homes (with an expansion attic) at a rate of up to 30 houses a day. The development had initial plans for 2000 homes, but because of the high demand, was expanded by adding another 4000 houses to the project. Nassau County quickly became more densely populated than its eastern neighbor, Suffolk County. Nassau County is now the third richest county (per capita) in New York State.

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  • If you are looking for a super carpet cleaning job, call Carpet Cleaning Long Island, NY. I would recommend them to anyone. I have a baby, a toddler and two cats… Believe me… I have a lot of stains on my carpets. Carpet Cleaning Long Island, NY was able to get all the stains out and I'm completely satisfied with the results. They were very patient and polite. There's nothing better than a clean carpet.

    Denese M. Long Island, NY
  • Carpet Cleaning Long Island, NY did a fantastic job with my carpet. They were timely, efficient and left my stained carpet looking practically new.

    Beatrice B. Long Island, NY
  • I never realized how dirty my rug was until Carpet Cleaning Long Island, NY came to clean it. The difference was unbelievable. Now my rug looks like new again. The service was amazing; they know exactly what kind of care my rug needed.

    Stacey C. Long Island, NY
  • Carpet Cleaning Long Island, NY did a great job cleaning my 13-years-old wool Berber wall-to-wall that was very badly stained. Looks like new. The technician was knowledgeable, efficient and pleasant. I'd use them again, anytime.

    John F. Long Island, NY
  • I was very pleased with the cleaning provided by Carpet Cleaning Long Island, NY. They were polite and efficient and all stains were completely removed. I would use this company again and would recommend them to friends

    Dorian N.O. Long Island, NY
  • We have had Carpet Cleaning Long Island, NY clean our office carpets on several occasions. The pride they take in a job well-done is something rarely seen these days. Their work is vastly superior to any other carpet cleaners we have had in the past.

    Ken D. Physiotherapy Long Island, NY
  • We want to express our gratitude to Carpet Cleaning Long Island, NY for doing an excellent job. They very courteous, friendly and professional. We had water damage in Restaurant. Water damage was cleaned and sanitized with mildew treatment. We highly recommend his work. Thanks to them, we are running our business smoothly.

    Joe K. Long Island, NY


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